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The London International Medical Centre (LIMC) is a high-end private medical facility in the heart of the Harley Street area. It is dedicated to providing outstanding medical care to international patients who want nothing but the best when it comes to their health. Our centre is open seven days a week and offers a full range of clinical services in all specialities and general practice, as well as access to a modern and top of the range operating theatre, both for day surgeries and overnight stays. We are committed to finding the best practitioner to cater for your needs, no matter what problem you come to us with.  Our team of doctors, chosen as some of the very best in their specialities, will discuss your case with you and find the very best solution for your requirements.


At the LIMC, we will always try to find you an appointment on the same day, as we know that, when it comes to health, waiting to see a doctor can cause immense stress. We have doctors available every day of the week, and always endeavour to find the most appropriate person to undertake your care. Call us today for more information on 020 7034 3326, or make an appointment yourself.


Nestled in the famous Harley Street medical area, the London International Medical Centre offers its services in spacious, elegant Victorian style premises. The generous proportions of our buildings allow us to offer a complete range of medical facilities, including a pharmacy, laboratory, operating theatre and more, as well as presenting our patients with a relaxing, light and airy space.


The LIMC is one of only a handful of practices which operates seven days a week. We understand that, particularly in London, patients are not always able to take time off to see a doctor during working hours. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic service for the whole family, such as specialist gynaecology services for women, an ophthalmologist for her husband, and a paediatrician for her children. They could all come at the same time to see us, perhaps on a free Sunday afternoon, to fit in with their busy schedule during the week. We know that your need to see a doctor is not always compatible with a professional schedule, which is why at the LIMC, we feel that excellence requires we adapt to our patients and offer them convenient time slots to suit their lifestyles.


In the LIMC, we believe that a full health care provision means being able to accommodate both routine and follow up consultations as well as hyper-specialised advice. In all too many cases, a GP who is presented with a tricky situation will need to refer their patient to another hospital, or even to another country, which is inconvenient and frightening for the person involved.
To avoid this situation, we have assembled some of the best specialists across a wide range of medical disciplines, to give you a one-stop-shop for all your ailments, conditions and worries, no matter how complex they might be. If we don’t have the right specialist for you, it’s our job to recruit the assistance of someone who can help, so that you can get the right care for your needs all under one roof.
Whether you need a routine check up from a GP, ophthalmologist or gynaecologist, or require specialist treatment from a niche expert, we have the ability to treat you here at LIMC, seven days a week.







Le LIMC est un cabinet médical privé qui peut proposer des rendez vous de médecine générale 
ou de spécialité, SANS ATTENTE, de 08:30 à 20:00 tous les jours, MÊME LE WEEK-END


Destiné à une patientèle française et internationale désireuse d’obtenir un très haut niveau
de soins « à la française ».


Des médecins généralistes et spécialistes français sélectionnés pour leur compétence
dans leur domaine venant de France consulter dans notre centre et vous offrir
l’excellence de la Médecine française.


Un grand nombre de spécialités proposées : ophtalmologie, gynécologie, pédiatrie,
dermatologie, orthopédie, cardiologie, psychiatrie, ... En cas de pathologies
spécifiques ou rares, des spécialistes français du domaine se déplacent à Londres


Un bloc opératoire ambulatoire et court séjour multi-spécialité, ouvert 7 jours sur 7.


Un centre médical géré par des médecins, indépendant de tout organisme financier
ou assurantiel, afin de garder toute liberté de prescription et de fonctionnement.


Un cadre d’exception, du matériel d’examen haut de gamme remis à jour
régulièrement afin de garantir le niveau de soin le plus élevé en permanence.


Un accueil attentif et du personnel à votre écoute afin de vous obtenir les
rendez-vous le plus rapidement possible auprès du spécialiste ou du généraliste
adéquat en fonction de votre pathologie.


Une communication confraternelle et permanente entre les praticiens du centre afin
de vous permettre une prise en charge coordonnée.


Un partenariat avec Private GP Chez Vous, le service de médecins généralistes à domicile 24/24.

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London International Medical Centre
London W1G 8HU
18-22 Queen Anne Street

Oxford Circus

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