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Welcome to CBC Dental Studio! We are small, patient friendly, modern dental practice located in Canada Water, South-East London.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to improve their smile and overall oral health which will affect their career and personal life in a very positive way. We already see this happening and we are aiming to do it on a much larger scale.

We strive to change our patient’s perception of dentistry so not only will they be appreciative of the care they receive but will entrust us with the care of their family and friends as well. CBC Dental Studio makes smiling easier than ever.

CBC Dental Studio has the vision to exceed our patient’s expectations in every way possible. We treat each patient with dignity, respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility and compassion.

We create beautiful and healthy smiles by combining art and science in correct proportion and help our patients realise how good oral health can improve their quality of life. By our gentle and caring attitude, we want to remove dental phobia and making dental visits an occasion to look forward to.

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CBC Dental Studio
London SE16 2XB
Unit 5, City Business Centre, Lower Road