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Are you looking for an Osteopath in Earls Court? We are conveniently located in Central London near Earls Court station. Our clients are generally located in the Earls Court area.

Osteopaths usually complete a 4 year Master’s degree and must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council to practice in the UK. Osteopath’s use a well developed sense of touch (palpation) as well as conventional medical assessment for effective diagnosis and treatment.

At Revive we offer a variety of therapies including massage, stretching, manipulation and medical acupuncture as well as providing home care advice for efficient recovery. Understanding the root cause of dysfunction is a core osteopathic principle. Osteopath’s consider the person as a whole in order to not only to resolve symptoms but to prevent musculoskeletal problems arising again.

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Revive Osteopath
London SW5 9AD
Soho Gym, 254 Earls Court Road

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