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Hart Osteopathy - c/o Snowsfields Wellness, 41 Snowsfields
London SE1 3SU
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A graduate of the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), Simon uses his natural empathy and instinct to look beyond the symptoms of pain and directly treat their cause. Be this integrating the alignment of the body to work to heal itself, or targeting an area of a specific trauma. In addition to his studies at the BSO he trained in both Cranial and Classical Osteopathy. Classical Osteopathy places increased emphasis on the integration of the body as a whole, and this forms a key part of his practice. This means he has an excellent understanding of how the body can react to the stresses placed on it and how to provide the impetus required to allow it to heal itself.


Simon has a special affinity for helping over-worked, and overstressed London professionals restore a natural rhythm within their bodies. He uses a wide range of treatment depending on what is appropriate for his patients, their lifestyle, goals, and the conditions they present with, but as a principle believes that osteopathic treatment should be a pleasant experience. He provides a gentle, yielding approach to people and their pain, working in harmony with the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. He is also a great advocate for Osteopathy as a preventative treatment, which encourages general and systemic health.


He has a special interest in chronic cases, headaches, posture and desk ergonomics.

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Hart Osteopathy
London SE1 3SU
c/o Snowsfields Wellness, 41 Snowsfields

London Bridge Station

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Initial Consultation (1h)£60.00
Follow-up Consultation (45 min)£50.00
MOT Service (30min)£40.00
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I cannot recommend Simon enough. He is a magician when it comes to the human body. I have never worked with an osteopath like him, nor have I ever experienced the kinds of results that he is able to produce. He practices classical osteopathy and is extremely gentle, tending to avoid physical manipulation. If you like being 'cracked' you'll might be initially disappointed, but I would urge you to give him a try nonetheless. His approach is holistic and comprehensive; he doesn't just treat the point of pain, crack a few vertebrae and then send you on your way; and he will often spend time unwinding, and unpacking layers of pre-existing conditions in order to locate the source of your pain. It can take a few sessions, but It's worth investing your time if you're keen to eradicate some of your chronic problems, rather than accepting that they will just reoccur at some point in the future.
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