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    Cédric was born in France. He came to London to train and pursue a career as a dancer. It was following a knee injury that he became interested in the biomechanics of the human body. Initially he thought about becoming a physiotherapist but, luckily, because he did not have the necessary academic background he needed do some studying.

    This led him to the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) where he studied for the “access course” whilst also studying a massage course and working in an Osteopathic practice in North London. This combination gave him the opportunity to develop skills ahead of the 4 years degree at the BSO and his then future osteopathic career.

    He graduated in 2007 and was lucky to be offered a position as “Associate Osteopath” at Fulham Osteopaths the same year. 

    Since Joining the team Cedric has developed his skills both in Cranial and Classical Osteopathy, in which he has undertaken post-graduate courses and activities. He believes in the integration of these skills is crucial to deliver the best osteopathic care.

    Developing gentle technique is best for the treatment of acute symptoms, babies, pregnancy and post pregnancy. A stronger, structural approach benefits sportsmen and those seeking to improve their posture and flexibility.

    Both approaches can be seen as 2 ends of a scale, which enables Cedric to treat the whole family. 

    Cedric’s area of expertise include Sporting injury, shoulder problems, headaches and jaw pain/tension. He has experience working with recovering addicts and people with disordered eating. 

    Cedric also believes that osteopathic treatment is excellent for self maintenance and prevention. A monthly visit often goes a long way.

    Babies and children

    Gentle treatment can help with good development of the musculoskeletal system, first steps, and can reduce the chance of developing scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve sideways.

    For adults

    Treatment can help with all postural stresses and strains, either caused by long hours at the desk or hard manual work.

    For the elderly

    Treatment can help maintain flexibility therefore increasing the quality of living that everyone should enjoy at retirement. 

    Cedric also works At Millennium Performing Arts, a professional musical theatre school in in South East London, promoting well being and health in dancers and singers, and also dealing with injury and rehabilitation. 

    This year Cedric was promoted Senior Osteopath here at FOP and Vice Principal at MPA. He likes running, yoga, cycling and general fitness. On the rare occasions that he is not busy, you might find him looking after the FO garden or tending to our orchid collection.

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    Fulham Osteopaths
    London SW6 5HA
    769 Fulham Road

    Parsons Green

    14, 414

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    Initial Consultation£95.00
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    Cedric should be known as the Baby Whisperer”! His skills and approach with both my newborns and myself over the last 2 years has been instrumental in getting us on the right track for happy baby and mother. I like his approach to problem solving and his understanding that not all problems have one contributor or solution. Cedric also gave me the best advice on breast feeding position which has been a game changer! Thanks Cedric.
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