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I am a fully qualified homeopath practising in Maida Vale, West London. I come from a long line of homeopaths since my grandfather and great-grandfather both practiced homeopathy in Germany. Before becoming a homeopath myself I worked as a graphic designer for more than 15 years. When my baby daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema and food allergies, conventional treatments didn’t alleviate her symptoms, and I then turned to homeopathy which resulted in a dramatic improvement in her condition and overall wellbeing.

After this experience, I went on to study homeopathy at The Centre for Homeopathic Education (awarded by Middlesex University) and qualified with a BSc(Hons) in 2008, followed by an Advanced Diploma from Orion Homeopathic Training.

In my practice I see people of all ages and backgrounds with a wide variety of conditions and I have a particular interest in the treatment of women and children.
In addition to my practice I give regular talks on various aspects of health and wellbeing.




Avant de devenir homéopathe, je travaillais en tant que graphiste pendant quinze ans. Mon intérêt pour l’homéopathie a commencé lorsque ma fille a été diagnostiquée avec un eczéma sévère dont les traitements classiques ne soulageaient pas complètement les symptômes. Je me suis tournée vers l’homéopathie, qui a donné une amélioration spectaculaire. C’est ce qui m’a decidée à étudier cette discipline.

Diplômée du Centre for Homeopathic Education (Middlesex University) à Londres en 2008, suivi par un diplôme d’études supérieurs du Orion Homeopathic Training au Contemporary College of Homeopathy, j’exerce à Maida Vale, Londres (W9).


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25 Abbeville Road, London SW4 9LA
Clapham South Station
355, 50, 249, 155
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Maida Vale: First visit / Adult
£ 75.00
Maida Vale: Follow-up / Adult
£ 55.00
Maida Vale: visit / Child (up to 10 years old)
£ 65.00
Maida Vale: Follow-up / Child
£ 50.00
Maida Vale: Mother & baby (up to 6 months)
£ 90.00
Make Me Feel: First visit / Adult
£ 85.00
Make Me Feel: Follow-up / Adult
£ 60.00
Make Me Feel: visit / Child (up to 10 years old)
£ 65.00
Make Me Feel: Follow-up / Child
£ 50.00
Make Me F el:Mother & baby (up to 6 months)
£ 90.00
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25 Abbeville Road,
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Caroline is a thorough professional who never fails to get to the very bottom of her patient's problems, providing solutions which never fail to work wonders. I came to Caroline with a list of health-related problems which I was convinced could never be solved. Within a matter of months, I was proven wrong. Today I enjoy a much better health and immune system, all because of Caroline. Aside from being a first-class homeopath, Caroline is a kind and generous person who shows a genuine and sincere concern for whichever problem you bring to her.

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