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    Medical Express Clinic is a leading private sexual health clinic in London. We understand that a Genito-Urinary Medical (GUM) examination can be uncomfortable. At Medical Express Clinic, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is carried out in a quick, discreet and professional manner with a focus on comfort for our patients. We also provide helpful advice on emergency contraception, physical relationships, and safe sexual intercourse. Our health advisers are always here to provide you with advice to support and maintain your ongoing sexual health.


    Why Go Private for Your STI Screen?

    Did you know that your consultations with your GP and results of the tests that they order are noted on your NHS Medical record? This is to ensure continuity of care across departments and across the country, it and helps the NHS to run safely and effectively. There are however, some downsides to this procedure.

    Prospective employers and insurance companies can request access to this information in the future and will assess your medical record as part of their employment process or insurance underwriting.

    At Medical Express Clinic, we offer private sexual health screening carried out with absolute discretion, use a pseudonym if you want, we don't mind!

    Your results will never be shared with anyone, unless at your request.


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    Medical Express Clinic
    London W1G 6AT
    117A Harley St, Marylebone

    Regent's Park

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    Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomonas£58.00
    Hepatitis A£63.00
    Hepatitis B£37.50
    Hepatitis C£47.50
    Herpes I & II£68.00
    HIV I & II£148.00
    HIV I & II with Syphilis£165.00
    Bronze - ‘For Peace of Mind’£250.00
    Silver - ‘For Checking Doubts’ (from)£325.00
    Gold - ‘For Clearing Risks’ (from)£475.00
    Platinum - ‘For Going all the Way’ (from)£625.00
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