About Us

FINDoC is a website for booking appointments with healthcare professionals. We make it easy for patients to access the latest information and reviews for healthcare providers in their area.

There’s a growing demand among patients to book their healthcare appointments online. In this Internet age, consumers are used to making all their bookings online, from hotels and flights to restaurant reservations. With FINDoC, patients can now benefit from the same level of convenience when it comes to booking their medical appointments.

Facilitate access to Healthcare

It's our mission to improve access to healthcare. FINDoC provides a platform to search for and select the best healthcare professionals to meet your needs. Choose qualified and trusted healthcare professionals and then book or request your appointment online – 24/7.

Positive experience

To make the experience as easy as possible, we’ve overcome many of the challenges in the typical booking systems of the healthcare industry, to ensure that everyone can gain access to the best doctors in their area, with a seamless experience both for healthcare providers and FINDoC users.

Safe & Confidential Information

We ask you to provide the minimum a few details amount of information required in order to confirm book an appointment at your chosen practice, these details are your full name, email address and mobile phone number. Under no circumstances will we ever sell personally identifiable data to third parties.