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We have worked hard to create a dental experience with a difference. It’s a break from the norm.


Two creative dentists have combined their specialised expertise, creative minds and real passion for aesthetics. The result is a clinic that transforms patient’s experiences of dentistry. The aim is to surround patients with beautiful things, which can have a positive effect on both their mental and physical state and relieve stress that can be related to visiting a dentist.

Both owners, Dr Jerome Sebah and Dr Nicolas Tordjmann come from families of dentists and see dentistry not just as a career choice but a family tradition.

At The Dentist Gallery your smile is our priority. We are proud to provide high quality private dentistry to patients in Westminster and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts offer a wide range of dental services from routine check-ups and hygiene appointments to advanced cosmetic treatments and full mouth restorations.


DFA is dental fear and anxiety is triggered by the following elements.

Personal experience: irregular dental visits, lack of information and influence of other people (parents or friends)
Dentists and dental auxiliaries: bad manner, lack of clinical skills, and improper work ethic
Dental settings: dental chair and sounds
Dental procedures: injections, pain, discomfort and aesthetic concern – in 1997 the mental health community officially recognized needle phobia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Now, mental health experts estimate that needle phobia may affect up to 10 percent of the population — and it may even be inherited.


Dentists and Dental Auxiliaries

Each team member has been carefully selected to ensure we provide patients with expert care and compassion. We want patients to feel safe and confident in their treatment. Our specialists are highly trained with many years of experience in the dental industry, across endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, implant dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments.

We treat patients of all ages and encourage them to take good care of their teeth and gums. Our experienced team are able to offer advice and guidance on the best methods of preventive dental care to keep your teeth looking their best. Prevention is not just the key to long-term oral health, it is also the key to reducing the number of dental visits you need.


Dental Settings

At The Dentist Gallery we want our patients to feel as relaxed, comfortable and cared for. Our team welcome both new and existing patients aim to put them at ease and to address any concerns they may have during their visits. We have worked hard to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere throughout the clinic by inviting young up-coming artists to decorate the rooms, especially the ceilings. Our gallery features original works by contemporary visual artists working in a range of different discipline areas.

We offer massages and reflexology for patients who may need help in relaxing during treatment. We also let patients choose colours and music to help them relax during treatment. A post treatment relaxation room is available to ensure your whole experience is as stress-free as possible. We have invested in mycoocoon, an immersive colour experience through the five senses that is tailored to you. This is aimed at relaxing, rebalancing and reenergizing you. For more information please contact us or visit


Dental Procedures

Our dental professionals keep up-to-date with the latest in modern dentistry to enable them to deliver outstanding treatment. Our dentists use effective and conservative materials to help you have and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.


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The Dentist Gallery
London SW1P 1BT
20 Rochester Row

St. James's Park (District)

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