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"I believe that there is nothing more important than your health and I am here to help you prevent common medical problems as well as treating existing problems efficiently and with the highest quality of care"

I am Dr Ovaici, or Azadeh for those have known for me a while longer. I am a GP with a difference.  I not only look after you and your concerns, little or large, but I would like to look after your family too.

I like to spend those extra minutes with you, to find out who you are, whats that niggling voice inside you thats sometimes too shy to come out, and as a result how I can help you best. Time is not an issue, neither are resources and accessibility.

I love being a doctor and have done so for as long as I can remember. I am committed to my patients and feel with pressures of life these days, consultations are often too rushed, neither helping the doctor or the patient. For me a General Practitioner is a family doctor with some great contacts, ready to guide you through whatever hurdle life has thrown you. 

I believe in excellence in care and have strong links with Londons top specialists. Attention to detail is also very important to me, that could be the difference between you feeling great or incredibly unwell.

I see patients at the consulting rooms at The Lindo Wing of St Marys Hospital or  15th floor of Charing Cross Hospital. I also enjoy home visits as they often bring another dimension to the consultation.

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Dr Ovaici GP
London W2
The Lindo Wing, St Marys Hospital

Circle & Hammersmith - Paddington

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