Toothaches and gum pains: causes and remedies

There are different reasons why you could experience sore gums or toothache.


First, various causes are responsible of gum pains:


  • - Bad oral hygiene: gums are sensitive and can be easily damaged if brushed the wrong way. Use toothbrush with soft nylon bristles and make gentle and circular motions to avoid making your gums bleed. Again you need to be gentle when flossing otherwise it can get your gums swollen.


  • - Most people suffer from gingivitis, a disease that progresses slowly but is a major cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK. Gingivitis is due to poor oral hygiene and can cause the gums to get swollen and inflamed. If the condition is not treated, it can worsen and become periodontitis that infect the gums and cause the teeth loss. If you see deep pockets getting formed between your teeth and gums, bleeding just after tooth brushing, bad breath or taste in the mouth, you should go visit a dentist in order to get treated before developing periodontitis.


  • - Mouth ulcers are also very common but are usually not any dangerous. It is not clear why some people develop mouth ulcers more than others. Visit a dentist if this happens too often or if the ulcer lasts more than just a few weeks.


Other factors can affect your gum’s health such as chemotherapy or tobacco. Remember to always keep a good oral hygiene, to eat food with enough calcium and vitamin D and to avoid either too hot or too cold food and drinks.


Woman at the dentist, with dentistry tools in her mouth



A common reason for toothache is a recent filling.


Usually, it is due to an increased sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold for example. There is nothing surprising in this but if this lasts too long, you should visit your dentist.


The filling in itself can sometimes cause the pain. It can be misplaced and cause discomfort when biting: this is malocclusion. In that case, your dentist would replace the filling. The same applies to a cracked filling. It can cause pain and only your dentist can fix it.
More rarely, some people can develop allergic reactions to the material used for the filling (it can be the case with silver for example). If you are already aware of any allergic reactions please discuss them with your dentist beforehand.



To relief your pain, you can use special toothpaste for sensitive teeth or toothache gel that you can find in a pharmacy. If you suffer unbearable pain and need to see a dentist in emergency even in the middle of the night, check the out-of-hours dentists you can call and see.


Julia from Findoc