Ten Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile


Dr. Sharma of the prestigious Lister House Dental Clinic outlines top ten tips for a healthy and happy smile this summer. 



1. Brush your teeth – It is important to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day for 2 minutes using a fluoride toothpaste.



2. Use floss or interdental brushes – Clean in between your teeth at least once a day. If you are not doing this then you are missing 35% of your teeth’s surfaces.



3. Change your toothbrush – Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or sooner if you notice the bristles are beginning to fray.



4. Beverages - Water and milk are best to drink however if you would like a soda or sugary/fizzy drinks then use a straw so that it can limit the time the beverage is in contact with your teeth.



Blond woman wearing a yellow top on a yellow background, drinking an orange beverage with a straw

Source: Wellesley Dental Group



5. Sugary snacks – It is best to avoid these altogether but if you must indulge then eat the sugary snacks at mealtimes.



6. When to brush – Wait one hour until you brush your teeth after eating. Drinking and eating weakens teeth enamel, if you brush too soon it may cause tiny particles of enamel to be brushed away.



7. Staining – Avoid drinking red wine, coffee, foods with turmeric and smoking as these stain the teeth. Our dental hygienist will be able to look after this for you.



8. Stop smoking – Plain and simple smoking is detrimental to your general and oral health.



9. Teeth are not tools – Do not use your teeth to open up bags, cut labels or open bottles as it will damage teeth. Do not bite on hard objects such as ice, sweets, popcorn kernels, pens, etc. This can chip and crack teeth.



10. Visit your dentist – It is important to visit your dentist regularly to detect problems. Prevention is always better than cure. You will also be given advice on how best to maintain your oral health and pain-free ways to enhance your smile...we are pleased to be giving you a reason to smile to smile this summer.




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